Social Network etiquette – The Gray Line

6 09 2009

Facebook and other social networks start to get some etiquette from people starting to see not everything they post needs to be posted. There is this big gray line that people don’t see what is right and wrong to communicate on this social space. Where even I can be blamed for posting pictures that don’t show the best of someone. And A small issue becomes a massive drama being played out in the social network where friends of friends get into the action.

From a article from the AP, “Don’t post that!” finds a trend from users finding it not the best of interest to communicate through Social networks about certain posts. These same trends come to appear even from my viewpoint where a friend posts a status message or pictures of a event that forgets to invite a friend. I hate to say it but Facebook now becomes the Public hallway that everyone can hear, see, and take notice. Not all your friends added to your profile are the people you want to share. What do you think?




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