Mad at T-Mobile and the Current State of Wireless

22 11 2010

I am in agreement with all of the community that I am angered that we have to pay for tethering our BlackBerry. After November 3rd, T-Mobile tethering costs $15 per month which is lower then the competition.

Also from what I get it affects mostly people using the new radio Frequency which is so called 4G according to T-Mobile and 3G users. I thing 2g or 2.5G don’t have this problem and continue to tether which I have with my BB Flip.

I can understand that every competitor out there is charging for this feature but does not mean you should join them. This is what I hate about the struggle is the restrictions on apps and device features. Manufacturers are innovating due to capacity but would like to use data however I want. Regardless if I use it to hotspot, video call, tether, or stream, or some new tech that was just invented.

Just like your laptop, Broadband providers don’t charge you to use the connection as a hotspot, or video chat. Its ridiculous.

I been angry at the state of wireless industry that I wish to change carriers but to what since all have the same problem. So the only thing left to do is choose based on the phone but all the phones have some fault or crippled feature if you don’t pony up the cash.

Maybe with the state of the economy, I just should stick with my crappy or lovely since I have a love hate relationship with my BB Flip since I am on 7th replacement model. So far its working beautifully but its struggling to keep up with the newer applications. Since the newer applications keep getting bigger leaving no room to try out any applications. This prevents me from buying any application (I only bought Shazam and Docs to Go) in appworld or any other vender. So this just is no benefit for me to use a new phone due to the cost.

I am Happy to stay with my $30 Flip and the $25 data plan. I just in the state of confusion. I was going to get the 9780 but there seems to be not much different from what I have when I choose the BB flip because it was a Flip phone not because it was smartphone or Blackberry was on it. I actually never heard of BlackBerry or any smartphone. I thought it was cool that it had wifi and it can stream Youtube.

Well that is the end of my rant.




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